11 May 2007

The Anatomy of Powercracy And Other Essays

by Baba G. Jallow
ISBN 1-933265-75-2

The Anatomy of Powercracy gives an unusually clear and interesting insight into the inner workings of dictatorial African political systems and the minds of the dictators themselves, whom Baba describes as "elephants on mosquito legs." Written in Baba's trademark flowing prose with a touch of humor nicely blended in with the serious nature of his subject, The Anatomy of Powercracy And Other Essays provides a wide range of perspectives on contemporary African politics, Classical and Modern western political theory, American Civil Rights issues and the psychology of Affirmative Action in America's education system. This small volume will prove an invaluable resource to both undergraduate and Masters level students in the liberal arts and social sciences, as well as to general readers interested in widening their knowledge in the above areas.The Anatomy of Powercracy And Other Essays is Baba's third book. His first and second books, Dying for My Daughter and Angry Laughter, also published by Wasteland Press, deal with FGM and African politics respectively.

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