09 March 2005

Ripped Apart by Rtd Capt Lamin K Saine

Visually impaired publishes book
By Ebrima Jaw Manneh
Mar 8, 2005, 14:45

Ripped Apart
, a novel, authored by a visually impaired man, Rtd Capt Lamin K Saine, was last week formally launched by Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, secretary of state for Communication, Information and Technology.
Rtd Capt Saine The book depicts what are obtained in a war ravaged countries, with peacekeepers grappling with their own socio-economic conditions while trying to stop the senseless ethnic cleansing and fratricidal conflict. It is narrated through the adventures of an army NCO bewitched by the eyes of two beautiful girls. His pranks led him into amorous and criminal adventures. Deputising for the President, Dr Amadou Scattred said: “Ripped Apart is an interesting piece of work that helps to shed light on key aspects of the soldier’s peacekeeping experience. It touches serious matters that soldiers must grapple with during their course of duty, besides being a fictional work with much entertainment value.” SoS Janneh added that the book could serve as an important source of lesson and inspiration for soldiers, and hoped that readers would find Ripped Apart quite intriguing and illuminating.Describing the author as a remarkable Gambian, Dr Janneh said Capt Saine’s service to the country and the “seemingly insurmountable obstacle he overcame, including his loss of sight to become what he is today, should make him a lightning road for all Gambians. His determination and hardwork are worthy of emulation.” SoS Janneh noted that books, whether fiction or non-fiction, play a crucial role in our spiritual, social political and economic development. He added that books also help people to learn from the wisdom and joy and mistakes of others and that no time is ever wasted if one have a book as a companion. In his revision of the book, Justice AK Savage of the High Court, said the book demonstrated that the blind cannot only lead the blind, but people with sight. “We know that here is a man who accepts his fate with a huge dose of faith, faith in good. As far as I am concerned, this is the alpha and omega. We cannot have people who are going around to relatives and alike,” he said. Justice Savage added that the book was written with modern technique in literature as it “explodes chronology’. He stated that the author have supplied readers with flashbacks within flashbacks, points of view within points of view, reflections within reflections so as to sustain their interest. Rtd Capt Saine was a teacher and military intelligence officer who served in the Ecomog contingent to Liberia, among others. He lost his sight following a car accident in 1993. With the facilitation the Gambia government and encouragement of his friends, he overcame the effects of his accident by learning Braille and subsequently became a computer literate. This achievement of publishing a book made him an example that sensory disability can be overcome and does not necessarily mean one would have to be dependent. In his launching statement, Mr Saine thanked President Jammeh, The Point Newspaper, friends, relatives and all those who contributed to the success of the book.
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